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Voice control is definitely on the rise when it comes to home automation. We have seen many different products launched in the last few years. You are probably familiar with Google Home, Amazon Alexa and Apple Home Pod. The question to ask is “what are their capabilities when it comes to control?”

Should they be used as the main automation hub?

Let’s compare two current, 2019 market front runners – Amazon Alexa and Google Home.

We know they are very good at doing the simple tasks such as playing music from your spotify account, asking questions and connecting DIY automation products together.

This may be enough if you just want to start off with some basic controls but they still lack the capabilities of a main automation hub dedicated to home control and should not be considered a true smart home system control solution.

One of the benefits of using a main automation hub is it has the ability to control and integrate to over 13,000 devices which includes lighting, security, audiovisual, air conditioning and many 3rd party devices. Due to its power and technology, it also allows you to create more advanced programming scenes to suit a person’s lifestyle. Don’t let the 13,000 possibilities overwhelm you. All it means is you will have the flexibility you need to connect the things you actually want to use in your home.

Another reason why dedicated home automation systems are a better choice for home automation and control is the simplicity of their apps. If you use a Google Home or Amazon Alexa app they can become a bit cluttered as there is a lot to choose from such as devices, reminders, contacts, routines, skills, activity, music and more. This makes it frustrating and hard to navigate through if all you want to do it turn your welcome home scene on.

In comparison, a home with an actual smart home system installed uses a home automation app. Once opened, you will see the large icons labelled security, watch, listen, lighting and comfort making it extremely easy to use and navigate. Home automation is about making things easier, not more complex.

Why we use voice control with main automation hubs

At the early stages of voice control, we simply use it as extra convenience to control the devices in your home. It may be easier to say, “Alexa, turn the kitchen lights off” rather than pull out your phone and go through the app. As technology progresses the response time will become quicker and more reliable, but for now, if you are serious about home automation then using a home automation hub is the best choice.