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Automated Home Systems

Looking to make the most of the latest Automated Home Systems technology in your home?

If you can imagine it, we can achieve it. Our systems are future proof so you can add more automation as you go. So feel free to start small and dream big!

Control Everything at Your Fingertips

All functions on the smart-home control system can be accessed from afar or without leaving your couch.

Run Personalized Schedules

Create personalised schedules to automate lights and thermostats based on time and day of week.

Talk to Your Home or Make it Talk.

If you want to quickly get started with a smart home, buying an Echo product is your best bet.
and we’ll work out the best package for
your needs.

Automation & Theater Experience Zones

Performance and reliability to deliver the best entertainment over one, robust platform.

Fill one room or every room with your favorite high-definition content. From watching the latest 4K movies to streaming high-resolution music, you can enjoy limitless entertainment with a single remote or create an unrivaled home theater experience. It’s simple, clean and clutter-free entertainment—right at your fingertips.

Your home at your fingertips

If you have a smartphone or tablet and a wireless network, you’re already halfway there to turning your home into something out of The Jetsons.

All you need now are the ”smart” gadgets that will transform your humble abode into a high-tech hacienda.

There’s no need to spend big. Solution is Automated Living that lets you turn any of your appliances on and off. even when you’re out of the house.