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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is a smart home?

Put simply, a smart home is a home integrated with devices and sub systems. These systems communicate with each other and are controlled by a central controlling system (The Hub).

These smart home systems provide home owners comfort, security, energy efficiency and convenience by working together at all times regardless of whether anyone is home.

Once installed, these systems can automate a range of household tasks. For example, they can automatically heat or cool your home, operate the home entertainment systems, automatically lock windows and doors, water the gardens, or adjust the lighting and climate controls to save energy.

Exactly, what your smart home will look like and the tasks you want automated will depend on your lifestyle, needs and budget. If you can dream it we can achieve it!

2. Where should i start with home automation?

The beautiful thing about home automation is, you do not need to install every component at once. After you have installed the central controlling system (The Hub) you can simply continue adding more automation as you feel. So, you can start small and add more features over time.

For example, you can start with your home theatre. Where you have the ability to control all of the audio and video components, heating/cooling and lighting with a single remote. This same single remote capability can apply to all areas of your home.

3. Can my current home support the technology? Do I need to upgrade any wiring?

Home automation can be installed in both new and already standing homes. We can easily use your existing wiring, light fittings, outlets, switches and audio-visual equipment to transform the functionality of your home. So, there is no need to upgrade any of your homes existing infrastructure

4. Will I be able to understand my home automation technology?

Yes, absolutely. Home automation systems are designed to be very user friendly. As long as you can control your smart phone or tablet you can master your new smart home.

The control mechanisms are all in the form of intuitive and easy-to-use keypads, touch screens, remotes, and TV screen menus. We also offer voice-activated systems for controlling your home.

Once installed our technicians will give guide you through the features of the technology and assist with any questions you may have. We also offer 24 HR support for all customers.

5. Will home automation cost me more money?

No, we have found that turning your home into a smart home can actually save you money. Home automation systems are designed to reduce energy consumption by giving you more control over your lighting, temperature control and appliances.

Despite our best intentions, we waste energy by leaving lights and appliances on in unoccupied rooms.
Smart homes can virtually eliminate this waste by activating the lights, heating/cooling and appliances only when you need them and turning things off if you forget.

6. What happens when my home automation system stops working?

Our smart home systems are extremely reliable. Once we install and program your new system, very little to no maintenance is required.

If assistance is required we offer 24 HR after sales support to all customers. We can access your smart home system remotely and fix any problems that may occur.

7. Can I access and monitor my home automation features remotely?

Whether you are across the street or across the country you can have peace of mind by accessing your home automation system and devices straight from your smart phone or tablet.

You can also receive notifications when actions occur on your property. For example, you can be notified when the kids arrive home safely from school, when the CCTV is triggered by movement or even if you’ve left any appliances on in the house.

Simply access your home automation system via the app or a browser to view, control or change any settings within your house.

8. How much will home automation cost?

When it comes to home automation there is no ‘one size fits all’ solution. Your smart home system will depend on your wants, needs and budget.

We can assist you in choosing, customizing and designing a smart home system that specifically suits your lifestyle and budget. Schedule your FREE home automation solution, where one of our friendly and experienced home automation experts will design the perfect solution for your home