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Now any home can be a Smart Home

Home automation can now be adapted to suit any size home, lifestyle or budget – it’s not just for multi-level homes anymore.

Easily installed, our retrofit system can be added to any new or existing home, apartment or venue without changing any of the existing wiring, light fittings or power points, etc.

Once installed, it will always adapt to the latest technology, so you won’t need to worry about any replacements or upgrades in future. Our system and it’s program are designed to keep up with the rapid changes of today’s technological environment.

A home automation system is energy efficient, improves the safety and convenience of your home, and offers the versatility of only buying what you need now – and adding to your system as your needs change or grow.

Save Time and Money

Home automation systems are designed to reduce energy consumption in the long term by giving you more control over your lighting, temperature regulation and appliances.

Smart homes can virtually eliminate this waste by activating the lights, heating/cooling and appliances only when you need them, and turning things off if you forget. This ensures you are always energy efficient along with saving money.

Time is precious. Using home automation, you can save time by letting it do the little things for you.
Just touch a button or use a voice command to shut down and lock up your entire home from the comfort of your bed, or use your phone remotely when you leave in a rush and forget to close the garage door or turn off the lights.

All these small things will save time in the long run, making your life easier, reducing your energy use and giving you all the benefits of a smarter home.