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Automated Living brings you

Automated Care

Do you ever worry about the safety and comfort of your elderly family members?

How we help

As family members grow older they often become more dependent on their children and other relatives. Smart home technology can transform any home to be easier, safer and more enjoyable for seniors to live in.

Installing a home automation system that is not only easy to use but also works well is extremely important for elderly people who live alone, and who may want to automate their home to help with tasks they can no longer do themselves – or things they forget to do.

This allows them to retain their independence whilst staying in their homes for longer. Smart monitoring and security can make a home safer and more secure, giving family members a peace of mind – including the elderly who may feel vulnerable or at risk being home alone.

What It Can Do

Home Safety

Ensure that family members are safe and secure.

-Smart lighting
-Fall prevention

Health Care

Have peace of mind knowing loved ones are safe.

-Remote monitoring
-Medication reminders
-Emergency reporting system


Improve quality of life for family members.

-Climate control
-Smart lighting
-Entertainment contro


Create a home to help with everyday tasks.

-Home intercom
-Voice activation
-Scene lighting

Our Process


Either choose from one of our Aged Care Packages or we can design a custom automation solution for your needs.


Once your ideal solution has been determined we install and program the new home automation system. Our technicians will then show you or your loved one how to use the new smart home system.

Peace of mind

Have peace of mind knowing the new home automation system will provide safety, support and comfort for your loved ones.

If you need any assistance or support, we offer 7 days a week after sales support and guidance. We can also diagnose any faults remotely, if needed, making the handover as simple as possible.

We also provide training and guides on how to use the system, making sure you are 100% comfortable with everything before we leave. Any questions we are always just a phone call away.



Lifetime warranty on install


7 days a week after sales support


Training and guides on how to operate the system


Remote assistance available